Kitchen Company, Tauranga

“We found Phil Holland via the post with his tempting introduction letter. It was good timing and good luck for us as we were at a crossroad as where we were heading with our business.

Phil got us motivated again and got us thinking and talking about what we wanted out of our business and how it could really support our personal goals too. The process has been a good challenge. I will never forget the day which was about the 5th visit, Phil showed us the truth of where our business was financially and it made us feel devastated, but we needed to hear it and see it to move forward and with Phil we have been steadily going from strength to strength and it is a wonderful feeling.

Phil has a wealth of knowledge and is always amazing us at how organised and dedicated he is, doing huge amounts of work behind the scenes with his computer savvy skills and his enthusiasm for improving himself along the way. We recommend Phil to anyone who wants to build a sound business plan and gain confidence and security back.

Thanks Phil you’re a good bugger”

Plumber, Hamilton

“We had a great time working with Douwe and have learnt and grown a lot since we started out….after 12 months in the programme we had climbed out of nearly $30k debt, increased our bottom line and most importantly were enjoying going to work on a Monday morning… I would happily recommend Douwe to anyone or any business at any level, as the value he provides is priceless and inspiring”

Husband & Wife Business Owners

“Ellyn is absolutely fantastic. My wife and I have a couple of small businesses and we were always struggling with managing the money coming in and out, the turn over was there, however we never seemed to be getting ahead. Ellyn has helped us get a clear view of our financial picture with a wonderful cash flow system and we can now plan for the future and can prepare to grow our businesses.

We have benefited hugely from Ellyn’s experience and she has helped us build a stronger business mindset, taking us from a hobby business to lets something much greater! Ellyn presents everything in a very clear, easy to follow manner, it’s a total breeze. I’d highly recommend Ellyn.”

CW Tauranga

“After being in business for a couple of years things were starting to pick up, our little boat struggled to keep up bobbing about in the waves.

When my business partner left due to some unrelated life matters, my little vessel felt like its mast had snapped. Momentum in sales was picking up and as the waves grew it started to dawn that business is unlikely to ever give you conditions suitable for “plain” sailing.

What I needed was to get my company ship shape, a bit of a rebuild for the harsher conditions. What I really needed was a keel, something to hold it in the right direction during temporarily especially daunting moments, if only I knew anything about boats.

Enter Phil, he happened upon me at the worst time, I was so busy at the oars I didn’t have time to be hatching a plan as to what was needed. Of course in his experience he knew this to be the best time, fit in a bit of rebuild amongst the day to day frantic-ness. Slowly conditions cleared a little, the staff gained momentum as the changes made their lives easier also.

We still have an awful lot to do, but the list is finite when you have a list, we still have some very harsh conditions to tend with. But each time I look up the setting sun is always still over the bow of the boat, the course set and maintained by the firmness of the keel in the water.
Thank you Phil.”

Online Subscription Based Sports Business

“Ellyn had been taking care of our accounts for years, and just late last year, she implemented an awesome cash flow method that has completely transformed our business, providing us with a clear, real-time overview of profit, cash flow and operations. New systems have saved us time and made us more money, allowing us to focus on growing the business. And that’s just what we’ve done, we’ve grown 300% in 18 months which is beyond exciting.

The Cash Flow allocation method has structured our business correctly for growth, something I wish we’d done from day one. I would strongly recommend Ellyn to help any business, established, or starting up.”

Cleaning Company – Hamilton

“Douwe is enthusiastic and totally passionate about your business and its outcome. He is hands-on, which means you can call him at any time with any concern you may have… If you want to earn more money, enjoy more success and make your business a lifestyle, then employ Douwe.”

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