It starts with the mindset

Would your life be different if you were operating at a 10/10?

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Feeling stressed?
  • Feeling frustrated?
  • Lost your business mojo?
  • Need some clarity?
  • Need some confidence?
  • Need some motivation?

About You

You are passionate about what you do. 

You know you’ve done well so far. 

You also know that you could do more and be more. 

You are keen to learn about what could be holding you back and how  to powerfully change that. 

You are open to massive support, tools and ideas…you are ready to STEP UP and Be Bold!

Are You Ready to Be Bold?

Your business is there to work for you, not the other way around!

You can have a business and life that you love. If you know that it is time to make powerful changes to transform your business you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you get unstuck, destroy your inner critic, and help you grow your business much faster!

  • Get clear on your goals, vision, purpose and plans
  • Turn your stress and overwhelm into focus and success
  • Unleash ideas and actions you never thought were possible
  • Break out of procrastination and get more done
  • Discover a better balance in work and life
  • Find happiness, efficiency, empowerment and choice


Be Bold is a breakthrough mindset philosophy and method developed by Love Your Business. It is the foundation of all the coaching work we do with business owners and their teams. When applied it is GUARANTEED to create sustainable results in business and in life.

Most people complicate life (and business!) but it’s actually reasonably simple. Keep applying the Be Bold principles and tools, and you will see results, MASSIVE RESULTS!

We keep mindset work simple. This helps to ensure that it is easily useable and therefore sustainable. The Be Bold Mindset Programme has helped hundreds of business owners to completely change old habits and create huge positive change.

Be Bold helps to:

  • Eliminate stress, overwhelm and procrastination
  • Handle difficult situations with ease
  • Hit fears out of the ballpark (like public speaking or being on video)
  • Create and sustain Extraordinary Relationships with partners, family, and work teams
  • Significantly increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand your partners, kids, family, friends, and staff better
  • Achieve your goals with ease
  • Live a happier life!

The Be Bold Mindset Program is part of the Love Your Business Coaching partnerships and forms an integral part of how and why we achieve such great results with our clients.

What’s the impact?

The impact is phenomenal

We make an impact in people’s lives. Our participants are telling us that their level of commitment, how they show up, and their overall empowerment increases as they work with us and progress through the programme. This has a major effect on their business and life.

What would be the impact on your life and business if you were operating at a 10 out of 10?

Be Bold in Business – Kickstarter

The starting point for working with Love Your Business is always the Kickstarter programme. This is where you get your mind in the game. This flows into the Accelerator online group programme or other 1:1 online or in-person business coaching to speed up your growth. 

Participants say they wished they had done the Be Bold programme years ago, saying they would have grown their businesses much faster. 

Discover the incredible energy of the group and benefit from the collective know-how. Bring your passion and be ready to show up, open up, listen and learn. It is an investment in yourself and the first step towards a happier, healthier, and wealthier life.

What’s included in the programme and what’s the investment?

  • 6 x weekly online group coaching sessions
  • 1 x 1:1 coaching session
    Private Facebook group to share the journey
  • Access to resources and your coach throughout
  • Group support and participation
  • Incredible value, action packed and plenty of practical tools and know-how that you can apply straight away
  • Get this action packed and result-driven programme for a small investment in yourself and your business for only $1295


Who are we?

Douwe Hoogstra

Douwe is an experienced business coach with and totally passionate about helping you achieve your business and personal goals. Working with Douwe makes it crystal clear how you can realise your dreams and aspirations and run your business at a 10/10. He enjoys working with business owners at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey and relates to people like no other. If your aim is to discover and implement sustainable changes so you can grow your business and show up with more focus and happiness, talk to Douwe today!

Carrie Brightwell

Carrie from is an accomplished holistic wellbeing and life coach, as well as a Muay Thai fanatic in her spare time!  With her practical, proactive, and happy personality, she will keep you focused and hold you accountable. Teamed up with Douwe, Carrie will show you how to maximise your potential and smash your goals.   


When we say “ask us anything,” we really mean it. Feel free to get in touch and ask any question you may have about our coaching, the way we do it, our programmes, our people, and Love Your Business in general. We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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