Love Your Business was founded by Phil Holland in 2015 after becoming frustrated with the traditional way of business consulting & coaching. Not long after Douwe Hoogstra joined as a partner in 2018 after experiencing a similar frustration.

Love Your Business’ founding concept is based on the realisation that the level of frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction and performance that business owners were experiencing were directly linked to the love they had for their business.
No matter how much “consulting”, or strategy plans were put in place for business owners, they would sabotage these if they were not present to loving their business (or why they did not love their business).

As a result, a unique brand called ‘Love Your Business’ was created, which executes results driven programs that have seen many business owners reclaim the love (and profit) for their business. This has saved businesses from failure, saved marriages, and even saved lives/ this has resulted in helping hundreds of businesses grow, increase profit, and achieving that elusive work/life balance.


Getting results!

We pride ourselves on getting the results. This is not just lip service. Our unique client partnership agreements demonstrate our commitment to results and creating a win / win partnership with our valued clients. We have had clients growing from $16k per mth sales to $79k per month in 18 months to a client making the same profit in one month than the previous financial year!

Love Your Business has successfully rescued and transformed many businesses.


Due to the unique blend of business training, experience and qualifications combined with the Be Bold Mindset program, Love Your Business coaches are definitely NOT your average business coaches. This ability to silence a business owner’s ‘inner critic’ and thus release them from the critical element of what probably has been holding them back from achieving what is possible is an example of some of the work we do to ensure the results for our valued clients.

This is not a cookie cutter Business Coaching program.

Business Experience

The Love Your Business team has a broad range of business experience with varying expertise in many industries and business sizes. Many of the Love Your Business Coaches also own and manage other businesses along with Business Coaching. This means you are working with someone who understands what being a business owner is all about.


Never Give Up

Simple really. When a business owner shares their big goals, dreams, and wishes they had better be ready! Despite the business owner often sabotaging their success (which is very normal) the Love Your Business team never gives up;


The Love Your Business team places a huge amount of pride on results. We value our reputation far too much. We have been part of many significant business transformations and helped to save many lives and marriages as a result. We do not stand for mediocre results. They must be outstanding, transformational, and sustainable.

Uncompromising Friend for Business Owners

Being that person who understands and who business owners can openly talk about anything (and I mean anything!) but being uncompromising in the sense of ensuring they achieve what they can achieve is what we are all about.


Turn Business Owners aspirations into inspiration.

In other words, we want business owners to aspire to greatness, what ever that looks like, and we will help them to achieve that. We then want our clients to inspire others around them to create aspirations. This becomes a flow on effect which is what we are all about!

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